• Throughout 2018

How much?

£450 || US$700

This contribution would get us a long way towards being able to ‘put up our own bakery’. This will enable many years of practical training for the children!

It will cover the cost of various baking equipment and utensils (e.g. a big electric mixer, cake pans, whisks and bowls) to be put into our new kitchen.

What will happen?

We have been starting to train the teenagers in the homes in learning a practical skill (baking/cooking), that we hope will stand them in good stead for years to come, even if they find that college and academia is ‘not their thing’. We really want all our children to grow up to become independent, self-sufficient young adults providing for themselves and their families. The plan to eventually have our own bake shop will help further this aim of practical training and experience.

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