• April 2018
  • April 2019

How much?

£380 || US$580 which covers the cost of entry to the different attractions for one year.

What happened last time?

The 60 children from the homes spent the day finding out more about the Philippines National Hero, Jose P. Rizal. They visited Rizal’s home where you could still find things that he once used.  We also went to a Community Park where we ate our lunch. The kids played and enjoyed talking and laughing with each other. For the last part of the trip, they went to a Dairy Farm. The children got very excited when they learned that they would be able to see how cows were being milked. The children held their breath when they saw how big the farm was; you could actually put three football fields in it, where almost a hundred cows grazed. The workers were very approachable and we even had the opportunity to have pictures with the cows. The children went home with their wonderful stories about their escapades that day.

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