Letters from your sponsored child

Your sponsored child will write to you, and will also try to reply to any letters you may write them. Sometimes the child will have been helped to translate their letter from Tagalog (Filipino) to English. Letter writing helps them develop social / literacy skills.

Writing to your sponsored child

We’d encourage you to write or email your sponsored child, (via the CCM office). This is not an obligation, but the children love receiving letters and photos from abroad.

How to write

We ask that all correspondence should only be through the CCM Office in the Philippines. We are very happy to print out emails and give them to your child.

Avoid Direct Contact With your child

Please do not contact your child directly – and please inform the office in Manila if you receive any correspondance from the child that has not come through the office.

The reason for this is that we try to protect the contact details of the sponsor. It’s worth bearing in mind that almost all of these children and families are poor unbelievers, and if they had direct contact with you (not through the office), you could receive begging or unhelpful pleas for financial help. For the same reason we ask sponsors and children not to contact each other through social networking sites such as Facebook.