CCM offers you the opportunity to sponsor a child until they finish their education. While we hope that you can support the child until she / he graduates, we recognize that your circumstances may change. You may discontinue your sponsorship anytime by contacting the sponsorship coordinator in your country.

Reasons a sponsorship may end: (Community)

  • After graduation from College/University sponsorship assistance from CCM comes to an end. The qualified student is now encouraged to look for a job and start supporting themselves and helping their family.
  • If the circumstances of the family improve such that they can cope without the financial help of CCM that is a real step forward for the family (economic stability)
  • If the child is no longer interested in continuing their studies, or the family pressures the child to stop schooling and instead find work (to provide for the family).
  • If the family moves away from the area, or the parents are uncooperative with CCM
  • If the child becomes pregnant or fathers a child we remove them from the programme.
  • If a child in elementary or high school fails a year and has to retake it, it is our policy to remove them from the programme. However if the student is in College / University we may give consideration because we want to encourage them to finish their studies

NB in some exceptional cases we show extra grace in implementing the above guidelines – e.g. for some of the homeless children.


Reasons a sponsorship may end: (Homes)

  • If a child is reunited to their family. Some only need short term care, e.g. 6 months – 2 years, by which time the family can prove the danger of abuse (for example) has gone.
  • If a child is adopted or fostered into a Christian family. It is best for a child to be in a family setting if possible.
  • If a child finishes their education (see appendix 3).
  • If a child runs away from the homes or needs to be transferred to another agency