Sponsorship Rates


Homeless: $ 23 per month
Community: $ 40 per month
Homes: $ 92 per month


We ask that sponsors set up an automatic payment to CCM each month or quarter (this reduces admin for our staff and volunteers, and helps avoid missed payments). Please see the regular giving page for details of how to pay the sponsorship fees in your country. Let us know if you’d prefer to pay another way.

Additional Gifts

For those sponsoring individual children there is no obligation to send additional gifts to your sponsored child at birthdays, Christmas, or graduations, however some sponsors like to. The children are really appreciative when they do receive a small gift.

There are two ways of sending an additional gift:

  • Sending a monetary gift – CCM staff will then supervise purchasing something suitable in Manila, usually small items, clothing or food for the child or family. We suggest in general no more than £25.00 / US$30.00 should be sent. Please inform the treasurer who the gift is for.
  • Sending gifts by mail – If you want to post a small gift, do bear in mind mailing usually takes 1-3 months, (particularly slow at Christmas). Please contact the staff in Manila first to see if the gift would be appropriate ([email protected] / [email protected]).

Occasionally sponsors may want to give a gift for a particular family need they become aware of. This is sometimes possible, but should always be checked with the relevant Manila office first.

We do thank you for your kindness in this way. Without the generosity of sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to help. We try to keep sponsorship rates the same as much as possible however these may change if for example exchange rates shift significantly.