NB: We are currently making some changes to our policies about visitors. Visits are still possible, but please don’t be surprised or offended if things are organised a little differently to how they were in the past.


We would want those coming to CCM and the Church to be Christians in good standing with their local church.

In general we can only accept 1-2 individuals from overseas at a time, so if you’re interested, please get in touch plenty in advance to avoid disappointment. We aren’t normally able to receive groups unless it is for a very short visit.

Child Protection

Protecting children and keeping them safe is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we require background checks from everyone requesting a visit. There is also a clear child protection policy that would need to be adhered to during your visit.

We would also request a letter of recommendation from your church prior to any visit being confirmed.

How long?

Generally we prefer to either:

  • have visitors who come for quite a short time (1-2 weeks max), where the visit is primarily to see the work, offer a small amount of help, and go home better informed to pray etc.


  • to have volunteers who come for 2 or more months, who learn to make their own way around, get to know the work more deeply, and offer a good amount of help to CCM.


November to May is a good time to come. June to October is generally less good if you are hoping for good weather or to combine the trip with a holiday, as this is monsoon season. December and April-May are particularly busy times in CCM with lots of extra activities due to Christmas / summer holidays. These activities present good opportunities to serve.

To do what?

Opportunities will depend on the length of the stay.

  • Those coming as visitors would primarily be coming to see the different aspects of the work of CCM and the church (CRBC). This would be so they are better able to pray, and hopefully to enable them to report back to their home church. There may be small opportunities to help as well.
  • We would be looking for volunteers to come primarily to serve God through helping practically and becoming better informed. We hope as a volunteer you would get the chance to serve in lots of aspects of the work of CCM and the church. Examples of ways you can help include:
    • Correcting the English of reports written by social workers
    • Helping with other simple admin jobs in one of the offices
    • Supporting staff in their jobs
    • Possibly giving testimonies or talks to the children in the homes
    • Visiting slum areas
    • NB You won’t generally be involved in helping the children directly


When you send us your enquiry, please let us know which of the following accommodation options would be of interest:

  • We can recommend Fernandina as a good hotel in the Cubao area
  • Airbnb also has a number of good offerings if you’d prefer to stay outside of Cubao.
  • For shorter visits, CCM may be able to find alternative accommodation (on a case by case basis).


You would be responsible for getting your own flights, visa etc. You’d normally be responsible for your own accommodation. CCM will provide food for you while you are visiting CCM’s offices / activities. You’d need to bring money for eating elsewhere.

What next?

Please have a think about whether you’d like to come as a ‘visitor’ or ‘volunteer’ (see above), and work out approximately when you’d like to come (see above). Then:

  • If you are in the UK and you’d like to come as a ‘volunteer‘, contact GBM to arrange an Envision Placement
  • If you are elsewhere, or wanting to come as a ‘visitor‘, please get in touch directly

Please do not book any accommodation or flights until your visit has been confirmed.