‘Group Home’ (formerly known as Faith House) is a home for college students. The older teenage girls move into this home from the younger girls’ homes after finishing high school. They are normally studying vocational subjects at College/University such as Nursing or Food Technology.

Group Home is currently housed in one of the 4 main Girls’ homes. They have devotions, attend church and one of the Adult Sunday School classes each Sunday.

As all the young ladies are over 16 years old, the girls are encouraged to earn some money themselves. They do this through washing clothes for people, selling ice, or other odd jobs. To help them though, each young lady receives an allowance helping them to have some independence. There is also a rota for cooking and cleaning, meaning that they are trained in basic household skills and in taking more responsibility.

Although no permanent housemother lives with them, they are closely supervised by one of the social workers.

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