Through the generosity of sponsors, we are able to provide abused, neglected and orphaned young people with:


  • Rescue from danger
  • A homely atmosphere in a well maintained house

  • A balanced diet
  • Clean water
  • Clothing

  • Weekly church services, Holiday Bible club (DVBS)
  • Counted as church family

  • Give day-to-day care to 10-15 children per home
  • Provide Godly training & a family atmosphere

  • Bible based – children are taught to pray
  • Led by houseparents, members, or visitors

  • Children are sent to school, often for the first time
  • Extra tutorials after school
  • Practical training preparing child for independence

  • Educational field trips
  • Camps, family trips to the beach or pool

  • Provides counselling, shares the gospel
  • Handles court cases, family visitation, admission & discharge

  • All health needs provided
  • Health care not normally free in the Philippines


The Homes sponsorship programme enables a child to be brought up in a Christian home, creating many opportunities for good spiritual input.

* Some of these activities are supported through sponsorship fees, others through events sponsorship

Our Homes

In God’s goodness, we have homes for both boys and girls: