Through the generosity of sponsors, we are able to provide abused, neglected and orphaned young people with:


  • Rescue from danger
  • A homely atmosphere in a well maintained house

  • A balanced diet
  • Clean water
  • Clothing

  • Weekly church services, Holiday Bible club (DVBS)
  • Counted as church family

  • Give day-to-day care to 10-15 children per home
  • Provide Godly training & a family atmosphere

  • Bible based – children are taught to pray
  • Led by houseparents, members, or visitors

  • Children are sent to school, often for the first time
  • Extra tutorials after school
  • Practical training preparing child for independence
  • Read more about schooling

  • Educational field trips
  • Camps, family trips to the beach or pool

  • Provides counselling, shares the gospel
  • Handles court cases, family visitation, admission & discharge

  • All health needs provided
  • Health care not normally free in the Philippines


The Homes sponsorship programme enables a child to be brought up in a Christian home, creating many opportunities for good spiritual input.

“Home” Sponsorship

Since early 2020 new sponsors have been able to sponsor a particular Home, rather than an individual child (existing child-sponsorships have continued). The way that the Homes are running has altered, and going forward it is likely that far fewer children will stay in the Homes for an extended period. This is mainly due to changes in government policy. Various CCM Updates have explained this new approach here, here, here and here.

* Some of these activities are supported through sponsorship fees, others through separate fundraising

Our Homes

In God’s goodness, we have homes for both girls and boys: