Thursday Night Drop-in

Each Thursday night volunteers from CCM and the church cook a good meal and serve up to 100 street people.

Men from the Church preach the Word of God and the amazing thing is there is real quiet and the adults listen intently. The street children go to a separate room where they hear a Bible talk at the same time.

The Drop-in centre is headed up by Virgo Ablao, one of CRBC’s deacons.

As a result of the Drop-in, CCM have been able to further help various of the children in our Community work.

Drop-in Bible Studies

A Monday night Bible Study has grown out of the Thursday night meetings, to which about 20 attend. This again is taught by several of the men from CRBC.

In the goodness of the Lord we have seen a number of people from the streets added to the church membership.

Drop-in Camp

Each year a camp is held outside of Manila for the homeless, usually at a Christian camp site. About 80 of the regular attendees at the meetings are able to go on this camp, which has proved very profitable in getting to know folk well, and many opportunities to make known personally the gospel.


We’re praying God would provdies sponsors who would be able to commit to giving $ 23 per month. This regular gift will help enable the work outlined above to continue.

Sponsors of the work for the homeless will receive regular updates on the work.