Through the generosity of sponsors, we are able to provide children in the slums and homeless communities with:


  • Referrals to discounted health services
  • Free access to a Christian doctor

  • Invitations & transport to Church & all-age Sunday School
  • Opportunity to attend Holiday Bible Club (DVBS)

  • Provides regular monitoring, counselling, referrals / liaison / witness

  • Parents are invited to area Bible studies
  • Led by men from CRBC

  • Practical training
  • Bible seminars, camps, and assemblies

  • Regular proactive training to increase survival rates
  • Practical and spiritual help provided after floods, fires etc

  • Aiding independence
  • Helping parents fulfil their duties

  • Providing awareness of law, social issues and advocacy
  • Assist with matters such as birth certificate processing

  • Mobilising community leaders to help others
  • Empowering teens to help CCM & each other


Those in the homeless community also benefit from a weekly feeding program at the Drop-in Centre in partnership with CRBC.


The community development programme then, provides holistic support both for the physical, spiritual and educational needs of the child, as well as helping their whole community. It provides many opportunities to reach out to them and their families with the gospel.

* Some of these activities are supported through sponsorship fees, others through separate fundraising