Staff News

28 May 2024

We thank God for continuing to bless the work of Christian Compassion Ministries. The Philippines is now in its hottest season and the staff are beginning to make plans for the summer activities when the students have a break from school in July and August. Please pray for these preparations, that the activities would go well and that there will be opportunities to share the gospel with the recipients and their families.

Pray that God would continue to sustain the staff of CCM, that they would continue to look to the Lord for strength in their daily tasks and that we would see God working in the lives of the children and families we care for.

Please pray for the safety of the staff. There have recently been several accidents involving staff in the Homes. One member of staff recently cut her arm when the glass window broke when she was trying to open it. Please pray for safety, and that we’d be able to ensure a safe environment for both the staff and children.