Prayer Points

28 May 2024


► Thank God for the volunteers who run our weekly Drop-in Centre for homeless people

► Please pray for God to stir in the souls of those listening to the gospel each Thursday night during this activity


► Thank God for children like Simon (see page 4-5), whom CCM is able to help and witness to

► Please pray our help and counsel to these precious little ones would be the best it can be


► Thank God for his kind practical provisions for us (see page 10)

► Please pray for CCM’s leadership as we seek to make the best use of these blessings


► Thank God for the extra help we’re able to give through the scholarship fund to young people like Abigail

► Please pray for her and others like her, that the spiritual help given would not be in vain


► Give thanks to the Lord for the resumption of Bible studies in the slums

► Pray for each one who leads and attends these events, that they’d be a channel of God’s blessing to each soul


► Thank God for the opportunities we have to serve Him through CCM

► Pray for the social workers who are having to make many difficult decisions about who to help


► Thank God for the church and its leadership

► Pray for new staff members who would be able to join the work and continue to lead it