Longing For A Forever Family

28 May 2024

On 12th May 2016 Simon was found near a monument near a City Hall. (Names have been changed in this article to protect children’s identify) It was about midnight and Manila Street Facilitators were conducting a Rescue Operation. It was just before the 2016 Philippines elections.

Simon was found, along with several other children. He was estimated to be about three years old.   The agency to which Simon was initially referred made many efforts to locate his parents or any relatives. There were TV, Radio and newspaper announcements but no one came forward and so he was registered as a ‘foundling.’

After being placed with a foster family Simon  adjusted well. They reported that he was a sweet and lovable child.  The family provided him with a safe and caring environment where he was treated as a member of the family. His daily needs were provided for, and he enjoyed their love and care. The family were licenced to care for children from ages 3 to 7 and so as Simon turned 7, he was referred to Christian Compassion Ministries for temporary shelter.


Simon was 7 years old when he was admitted to the CCM Boys Home. At first he cried when his foster family left but he soon calmed down and after touring the home he was introduced to the other children, the house rules, discipline guidelines and the daily schedules were explained to him.


The first night, he really missed his foster mother. He refused to eat and in the end only ate a small amount of rice and fried fish. At bedtime he could not sleep as he felt scared.

Over the next few months, Simon settled into his new surroundings and grew closer to the CCM staff. He is a sweet child and loves to show his sweetness by hugging the staff. He is polite and will always greet “Good morning po!” (po is a word Filipinos say to show respect especially to those older than you).


He likes to wake up early. He is helpful to his houseparents and loves to volunteer when he thinks he is needed and if there is something he can do to help. The staff guide him in doing his tasks step by step. He has become more focussed and tries hard with his school exercises. Although like most boys his age, he would much rather be playing outside!


Simon listens carefully during the evening devotions led by his houseparents. He enjoys attending the Sunday Services at church and brings his Bible with him. One of his favourite things to do is to watch animated Bible stories.


Once the staff were watching a film with the boys about wishes. When Simon was asked afterwards whether he had a wish, with a hopeful face he said, “Ang wish ko po ay magkaraoon na ako ng magulang.” (My wish is for me to have a parent.)

It’s Simon’s deep desire to be a part of a family he can call his own. He would often ask the Social Worker, “are you looking for a parent for me”? And he says he often prays for this. When asked what desirable characteristics he would like his adoptive parents to have, he always says, “Yong Kristiyano po. Yong di ako sasaktan at iiwan.” (A Christian. Those who will not hurt and leave me.)

Simon continues to have counselling sessions with the Social worker aiming to help him to express issues that matter to him, to help to increase his self awareness and to help him to express his thoughts, emotions and feelings in an appropriate way, in order to prepare him for his permanent placement through adoption.

Simon needs a permanent family who can continuously provide him with love and attention that are necessary for his growth and development.

Having been at the CCM Boys Home for 3 years, Simon’s social worker is actively looking for a Christian couple who would able to provide him with both his physical and spiritual needs.

Please pray that God would provide the right forever family for this little boy.

Pray for the staff as they prepare him for his permanent placement with a family.

Pray for Simon and children like him living in the Homes, that they would come to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour and that they would know that God loves them and cares for them.