Community Bible Studies

28 May 2024

CCM Chaplain Jesse Torres shares his experiences in leading sessions in different areas. One of his roles is to share the gospel in depressed areas in the community, to families and recipients of CCM.

“During the lockdown quarantine period, the community Bible studies were conducted online. However, since last year, during the allowance week, recipients have been going to Notre to collect their monthly allowance, and at the same time, they hear the gospel preached to them by some men from CRBC. Later in the year, God granted us with another opportunity to visit the recipients of the community in their respective areas.

Four men from the church kindly volunteered to lead Bible studies when it was decided that Bible Studies would begin again in the community areas. We lead the Bible studies once a week, from 2 to 4 o’clock in the afternoon…

The resuming of the face to face Bible studies has been a blessing not just for the recipients but to us also. For us, it is an opportunity to share the gospel, to know the families more deeply, and to pray for them personally.

Most of the attendees in our Bible studies are the parents of our recipients. It is great that we can reach their families through this means.

Please join us in prayer that God will be merciful and gracious to grant them His salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that they will also be used by God to share this also to their families.”