Art Mindfulness In The CCM Homes

28 May 2024

On March 26th, the children in the Homes enjoyed a special activity on the CCM rooftop. Chaplain Jesse first led a reflection from the gospel of Luke about giving thanks for the forgiveness of our sins that we can only have through Jesus Christ.

Edith Fadul had organised a special colouring activity. She showed some samples from her Mindfulness Colouring Book. She shared some life lessons she reflected on while colouring, like sharpening the pencil—keep learning and stay alert and to pay attention to the details, especially at the edges.

So the children began their colouring competition, taking great care over their artworks and looking forward to the announcing of the winners of the competition. Please pray that the children would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus and that they would truly give thanks for the wonderful gift of salvation.