Time To Play!

30 Jan 2024

CCM are always grateful to volunteers who kindly give of their time, talents or resources. Here Ate Edith shares a day she spent with some of the children from the Homes.

“Roy, Vince and KC (not their real names) invited me to play chess. Vince let me win. Roy and I didn’t finish our game as the pieces just got knocked off the board by a kid-made whirlwind!

We shifted to playing with bread-bag clips. After some counting exercises and writing letters, the game progressed to depicting cities, a forest, an ocean park. They seemed to enjoy this activity the most!

Then, Vince caught spiders and watched them spin webs.

Our time together finished with leaving the table activities and playing with the kids, going up and down the stairs and around the church compound.

I will definitely have a good sleep tonight!”

What a blessing it is, to have people who are willing to give their time and energy, getting alongside these children who have had such a tough start in life. To be able to play and laugh and  make memories with them. More importantly, to be able to share and show the love of God through just showing them that they are special and wanting to get to know them.