The Solution To All Problems: Jesus Christ

30 Jan 2024

It was indeed a blessing that the 2023 Drop-in Camp was conducted last October 18th to 20th 2023 in a nearby province in Manila. It was a 3 day camp and a break from the busy and congested city.

During the preparation, everything seemed to be uncertain, from the preparation of volunteers to the final list of participants. However, as days passed by, we were able to organise it and through the Lord’s guidance, we were able to gather and bring them to the Jala-Jala Retreat Centre in Rizal Province. We had 35 attendees from the Drop-In Centre. Sadly, some were not able to join due to several reasons like health problems and unavailability due to work.

The camp was organised into various activities, with games, recreation and preaching of the Word of God.

Having served as a volunteer in the past and now a Pastor, Lazaro Malabayas brought the message in two sessions with the topic of “The solution to all problems: Jesus Christ”. There were also two workshops entitled, “Man’s chief-end” and “Man’s duty”.

We also had a Fun Night where every group showcased their skills and talents through singing, dancing and acting. They needed to focus their presentation on what they had learned during the sessions, workshops and devotions. We were glad to see how keen they were to participate and the creativity they showed!


Many of the attendees shared that although it was their first time to attend, they had learned many lessons they could apply to their daily lives. We are thankful to once again have this opportunity to serve them, to learn about their personal lives, and to be able to talk to them about their situations. Others felt challenged to work harder, to do even a small thing to try to improve their current situation and hope to be able to leave the street one day.

We fervently pray for the salvation of these people. They have been attending the Drop-in Centre weekly, hearing the gospel and truths in the Scriptures and we wait expectantly to see God amazing work in their lives, in His perfect will and time.