Prayer Points

30 Jan 2024


► Thank God for volunteers like Ate Edith who give of their time to share and show the love of Christ to the children in the Homes

► Please pray for more church members with this love


► Thank God for Drop-in camp being able to go ahead despite of the many logistical challenges

► Please pray the street people who heard the gospel will remember it, and remember what they saw of the lives of the volunteers. May God use these things in their hearts.


► Thank God for successful family day, and that children in the Homes were able to see their families

► Please pray for the children and parents, that these broken families might discover the Lord Jesus and be made whole


► Thank God for the staff who selflessly give of themselves in this work

► Please pray that their patience and example might soften those they work with towards the gospel


► Give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to help and witness to children like Abbie who come from such needy situations living on the streets

► Pray that Abbie and others like her might come to know a heavenly home ahead through having their sins forgiven at the cross of Calvary


► Thank God for the gospel, for good news to share!

► Pray for those leading the work of CCM, that they might be given much wisdom


► Thank God for preserving the work, and providing all that is needed

► Pray for CRBC as they gather and worship today, may God be at the centre of the worship