Meet Abbie And Her Family…

30 Jan 2024

Abbie is 13 years old. According to her family, they have lived on the streets since Abbie was born. Thankfully in 2016, they were helped by the government to be able to rent a small shack. This was much safer for the family than being exposed to all the dangers associated with living on the streets.

Abbie’s mother is a single parent and became part of a government programme. Through this, she receives a small amount  of money for their monthly needs. She works in a factory making cakes. She is glad that her workplace is just a walking distance from their home and continues to do her best to provide for her family. Often her daily earnings only cover one meal for the whole family. Abbie’s mother has a hard time trying to sustain the needs of her family. CCM have been able to help support Abbie with her schooling since 2021.

Abbie is doing well at school. Despite the challenges she faces she has shown dedication to her studies. She is encouraged by her goal and dream to one day have a good career and a desire to help her siblings and her mother in the future. She goes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and then takes online classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes the online classes are a challenge as she does not have enough data on her phone to access the classes. Thankfully the teacher is understanding of her situation.

Last year the family faced another challenge when Abbie’s older brother was hospitalised and had surgery for a kidney stone removal . Thankfully the Social Welfare was able to help them with medical assistance but they still needed to pay for medicines. Due to this, they then had trouble paying their rent and bills.  CCM was able to offer assistance to help the family. We continue to counsel and encourage them and pray that Abbie will strive towards her studies for a better future,

Abbie and her mother are diligent to attend the Drop-in Centre Ministry of CCM and the church CRBC. Sadly, due to her mother’s work, they were unable to attend the recent camp. Every week they can enjoy a hot meal and they hear the gospel preached. Pray that the Word of God would bring them comfort and hope.  Pray that they would continue to be keen to attend activities and for the salvation of this needy family.

After spending many years on the streets, Abbie, her mother and siblings live in this small shack. They have small area for storage.  They are thankful that God has blessed them with this safe space to live in.