Meet The New Chaplain Jesse Torres

31 Oct 2023

Before graduating from Grace Ministerial Academy, I didn’t know where God would lead me. Then, one of the leaders in our church approached me to ask if I would consider becoming chaplain in Christian Compassion Ministries.

At first, I had hesitation because I did not see myself serving as a chaplain; what I wanted to do was to serve God through doing Prison Bible Studies.

However, after several days of praying and talking to some of our elders, I decided to apply. By God’s grace, I completed my requirements and passed the interviews and was accepted as the new chaplain in CCM.

Ministering as a chaplain has been challenging for me in the past few months. I needed to make some sacrifices, such a postponing my preaching engagements at other churches, in order to adjust because most of the work is new to me. I also find the need to study how to counsel children with unique cases. Additionally, I must consistently prepare outlines for Bible studies in the communities, devotions for children in the Residential Care Programme, and lead devotions for the staff members of both the Community and Homes.

Despite the challenges, being a chaplain is still a blessing because of the opportunities it provides. I have the opportunity to share the gospel with others, to counsel children in a biblical way (Proverbs 22:6), talk to them, and lead devotions.

I also have the opportunity to minister to my co-workers by leading devotions and providing biblical advice to some.

In all of these things, I can say that God’s grace is always sufficient in sustaining me to His calling.

For the past months of the work that I have accomplished, I confess, “I am an unworthy servant; I have only done what was my duty” (Luke 17:10). All glory and honour belong to God alone. As the Psalmist in Psalm 115:1, “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to Your name give glory, for the sake of Your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”