Farewell To Mama Laila

24 Jul 2023

There was a heart warming and emotional farewell program on May 17th as we bid farewell to Laila Suriaga, a dedicated housemother who has devoted 19 years of her life to serving the organisation and the children. The housemothers and children gathered to express their gratitude and to share memories. Laila recently celebrated her 60th birthday. The Program was held at the CCM Homes.

The boys serenaded Laila with a special song. Fellow housemothers and children shared unforgettable memories and lessons learned from their interactions with Laila. The stories highlighted the profound impact she has had on their lives. We pray that God will continue to bless her.

“I am truly overwhelmed by this farewell program. I never expected such a heart felt gesture. It has been an incredible 19 years working with all of you at Christian Compassion Ministries. Each day has been a blessing, and the love and support I have received from everyone here has been immeasurable. May God continue to bless the work of CCM.“

Words of Laila as she reflects on her time in CCM.