Staff News

15 May 2023

We give thanks once again for the Lord’s sustaining of CCM’s work. God has blessed us in many ways. We give thanks for answered prayers for a new housemother, Trina. Read about her testimony on pages 6 and 7.

The CCM staff very much appreciate your prayers. Please pray that they would be godly examples to the children and families in their care. As they guide and monitor the children, please pray that they will have patience and wisdom, that the children may be taught with integrity and compassion.

We long for God to use the staff as instruments by which the children and parents will see the Lord and learn about who He truly is.

We look to the Lord to add to our number believers who are gifted and willing to serve God through CCM, like Tricia (see p. 6-7).

CCM Social Worker Jomi (R) visiting a community