Life In The CCM Boys Home

15 May 2023

In March the CCM Boys home welcomed a new 7 year old boy for temporary custodial care. He has settled in well to life in the home.

The Boys have opportunity to do many activities, sports, indoor and outdoor games. Through engaging in sportsmanship, setting goals, teamwork and the value of patience. The boys like to play outdoor games in the afternoon. They play basketball and climb the monkey bars. The teens are improving in their basketball skills.

They find movies interesting and love to watch during their movie time with their house mothers.  They are encouraged to write their reflections after the film.

In terms of their home life, the boys are responsible in performing the tasks assigned to them with the supervision of their housemothers.

They have become trustworthy in performing the responsibilities given to them. These serve as training for them to acquire necessary skills in preparation for their reintegration to their family and for independent living.

Please pray for the boys and girls living in the Residential Homes. Pray that God would open their hearts and that the children would place their hope in Him.