I Will Give Thanks To The Lord With All My Heart

26 Jan 2023

‘I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders.’ Psalm 9v1

The Lord has blessed the ministry of CCM and we see His faithfulness day by day.

I began to volunteer in CCM back in 2011 before I was formally appointed as chaplain in 2017. It has been a joy to see the children, especially the young and newly admitted, learning to open the Bible. For some of them, this was the first time to hold the Word of God in their hands. I was able to see their eyes intently looking at the passage and their ears listening to me.

Even that scene was enough for me to praise the Lord, knowing that it took place to accomplish His purposes in their lives. It is a hopeful comfort for me that they have heard the good news of salvation and by the grace of God, seeds have been sown in their young hearts.

It has been a privilege for me to be a part of this ministry, hand in hand with my brothers and sisters and co-workers in CCM.

As staff, we started each week by opening the Word of God and praying together. There were times that we shed tears because of the conviction of the Word, while acknowledging our frailties as we do the work that has been given to use.  It is an encouragement to us that there are many praying for us.

I have observed that the work carried out by the CCM staff is both tiring and draining if only done by their own strength. On a daily basis they work, help, encourage, teach and guide the lives of the children in the Residential Care Programme and families in the Community Based Programme, while they are also in need of spiritual support. They need of help as they help others. They also need teaching and guidance.

Somehow, even in small ways, the Lord has used the role of chaplaincy for the spiritual nurturing and growth of my fellow workers.

As a minister of the gospel, my 10 years in CCM has been a big help in preparing me for a full-time pastoral ministry in a local church.

My ultimate desire is that God would glorify Himself in the salvation of the people under our care– families in the community and children who have gone through family difficulties.