Prayer Points

13 Oct 2022

► Thank God for the children who have more recently joined our programmes
► Please pray for God to work in their hearts and those of their families

► Thank God for the provision of the facilities we use
► Please pray we might use them to God’s glory in sharing and showing Christ’s love

► Thank God for the staff who faithfully serve and witness through their work for CCM
► Please pray that everyone they meet, whether recipient / parent / government officials etc might notice something different about them – and ask questions

► Thank God for the regular Bible studies in the slum areas, where many parents hear the Bible explained
► Please pray for Brian and Necy Ellis in their older years

► Give thanks to the Lord for the children being able to go back to school
► Pray for the children as they adjust back to their school settings. May the influences of the world not draw them away from the Lord

► Thank God for the board of trustees in Manila who oversee the running of the work, and the trustees in the UK, and volunteers worldwide who help co-ordinate support
► Pray for the God’s ongoing blessing, protection, and provision for CCM

► Thank God for the Bible camp, asking for His blessing on the word spoken
► Pray for God to be at work in Bernie and his family – as seen in the video (