Staff News

18 Jul 2022

We thank the Lord for continuing to sustain the work of CCM. We do value your prayers for the current staff, that God would continue to grant them strength and wisdom in their daily tasks. Please do pray for additional workers. In the Community programme there remains a great need for additional Social Workers. In the Homes, we welcomed Reah Mergal to join the team as a social worker for which we thank God. There is still a need for another social worker and for two housemothers. God willing, the plan is for the Homes to take on more children provided we have the staff needed.

The schedule of classes has changed in the Philippines and this year the long summer vacation now takes place in July and most of August. Please pray for the opportunities during these months to share the gospel with the recipients. The community programme are carrying out online Bible studies and home and community visits. The children in the Homes are looking forward to a Bible Camp!