The Parting Reflections Of A Child Development Associate

18 Jul 2022

For almost 5 years, I have worked in CCM as the Child Development Associate. The years have been rich with God’s goodness and wisdom.

To be included in CCM as a secular practitioner was a challenge. Psychology as a secular field is somewhat ‘alien’ to a Reformed Ministry.

It was a requirement of the government for policy reasons and I accepted the task, knowing it would be hard to stay firm in the Christian position while applying my previous practice.

With God’s help I was able to trail blaze the process, cautious to apply the acquired principles that would benefit the team. God has helped me and led me to significant developments in dealing with human behavior.

The task of child development is beyond principle. I am not a true parent, but I took the role to become a temporary member of their temporary family. I have been privileged to immerse myself into their narrative and understand their unique stories. I learnt that I needed to be more understanding and patient to the children as they tried to express themselves. I began to love them and learned to be vulnerable to establish a bond with them. I made myself a ’slave’ to help them out, all for the Gospel’s sake.

I have been privileged to work with other fellow Christians in this ministry. As a team player, I learnt to adapt to the working environment and to learn through failures and setbacks. I learned to respect our personal differences, which I deemed a beautiful diversity within the body of Christ. Moreover, I was ‘sharpened’ by them.

I am glad that the Lord led me to CCM, He has been preparing me for a new ministry. I will certainly take with me the experience and lessons I have learned in CCM. As another page in my life is about to unfold, I look forward to getting married and after that I will be ordained as a full-time pastor in a church in my home province.

Emmanuel Tamargo