The Drop-In Centre Resumes

18 Jul 2022

CCM has been looking forward to resuming the Drop-In Centre Thursday activity for a long time. As the restrictions have now begun to ease, we pushed through to conduct the activity in person!

Thursday June 2 was the first full activity again after three years of the pandemic. We were very happy to see everyone who came that night. We welcomed around 40 attendees, including some children. We saw familiar faces and many new ones. As we communicated with them, they were glad and thankful that this activity has now resumed.

They also shared their experiences throughout the pandemic and what life was like living on the streets during that time.

The preaching of the Word was led by CCM’s Chaplain Levi and his text was ‘knowing the God who is all powerful over everything’. It is our prayer that God continues to sustain us as we work and help our friends on the streets.

Handling the street people can be a challenging task and we are grateful for the valuable help of volunteers from CCM and CRBC. May the Lord’s name be glorified in this ministry!

Lowey Artaste

Please pray…

  • That God will work in the lives of the attendees
  • For the safety and diligence of the volunteers
  • For His ongoing provision for this ministry (see also page 10)