CCM Homes Join In-Person Church Services

18 Jul 2022

When Covid-19 hit all over the world, those 18 years old and below were the most affected here in the Philippines They were prohibited from leaving their homes; most have been confined to their homes for almost 2 years. But, after two long years of being mainly confined inside the Residential Care Homes, the children are finally allowed to leave the homes…

On April 3rd 2022, the children woke very early, with much excitement for the day ahead. They were preparing to go to church. They took baths, ate breakfast and the girls wore their beautiful dresses. The children all had so many questions about church and what it looks like. You could see the children smiling and looking forward to the special day.

In the Boys home, the boys also prepared themselves so they were neat and clean and ready for church. They did their chores fast and helped each other. You could see the excitement of seeing the new faces in church, as well as meeting people again after almost two years.

In church, some children felt bored and sleepy, some wanted to explore the new things inside church. It was good to see the teens enjoy hearing the word of God and being attentive to our pastor.

Our very goal of this activity is to introduce the children to the church where we worship the Lord, and teach them the importance of worshipping God as a family on Sunday.

We thank God for the opportunity for the children to join the worship services at church again and pray that He would be pleased to bless the seeds that are sown.

Mailyn Balairos