Virtual Family Connections

17 Apr 2022
The Residential Care Programme has had to pause some important activities for the children over the last two years. These have been home visits, short vacations, and most importantly – Family day.

Through the use of technology and social media platforms, we have tried to reach the families and relatives of our children through virtual conversations.

The social worker in the Homes sets monthly time slots for each family and relatives at their convenience. He then tells it to the excited children. They frequently knock on the office door to check their schedules. It was great to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they got connected to their families / relatives through video calls.

Despite limited opportunities for physical connections due to the pandemic we are thankful that God has provided us with other opportunities. We gained fresh information, new contacts and potential custodians to help us reintegrate our clients. Also, the children got to speak directly to their relatives about their situation and this helped to alleviate worry and confusion in the children’s minds.

Although this setup is only temporary, we thank God that He has graciously given it to us. We pray and hope that things will get better and that we would have more opportunities to share the love of Christ with the children and their families face to face.