Prayer Points

17 Apr 2022


► Thank God for Sheril who leads the work in the Community

► Please pray for more staff to join Sheril’s team of social workers – spreading the load between just 2 social workers is a lot of work. Please pray too for more social workers in the homes – again having just 1 social worker (Jericho) across the whole programme is a real strain.


► Thank God for the committees in the community, and the good relations we enjoy with them

► Please pray for the house mothers, many of whom live together, and work together – may they have good relations and teamwork


► Thank God for our admin staff, who play an important role in keeping CCM going in terms of accounts and many administrative tasks

► Please pray for Mai as she leads the work in the Homes


► Thank God for our board, which have just recently been elected (many of the previous board have stayed on)

► Please pray for the children in their schooling, still online – which is not at all ideal, and brings with it all kinds of added complexities and dangers


► Give thanks to the Lord for the new children who have arrived in our homes recently

► Pray for Juancho in his work with Rolly on the maintenance of CCM’s properties


► Thank God for the Bible, His word – may we love and honour it always in our work for Him

► Pray for the staff who have recently started new roles in CCM – for their adjustment and help in picking up new responsibilities


► Thank God for the regular opportunities to present God’s word to the families in the communities through Bible studies, and one-to-one witness

► Pray for God’s continued provision for and protection of CCM