My Learning Journey At CCM

17 Apr 2022

Myra Grace Ibañez (R in photo above), former community and Work For The Homeless social worker.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity I was given to work in this ministry. CCM has opened the doors of opportunities for me to practice and to grow in my social work profession.  It paved the way for me to cultivate my values towards helping people. But what I treasured most, was the unique experiences it gave me, the freedom to share the Word of God to the people I worked with. I was always reminded of the fact that they were not just clients in need of support, but were souls with an even greater need of Christ.

Working with CCM, extended my horizons as a Christian. This made my work a truly remarkable opportunity.

My more than four years of stay at CCM have been a testimony to God’s faithfulness. The work I have been able to do in the community and in the work for the homeless were definitely challenging, yet God has sustained me, all by His grace and mercy.