Kuya Juancho’s Lockdown Experiences

17 Apr 2022

Kuya Juancho is a former street person who was saved through the Drop-in Centre. He tells us about his experience of lockdown.

The pandemic affected everything. It was a really tedious long time those years without anything to do. It seemed such a waste as everything was stopped.

During the pandemic, they had to limit the number of people in the CCM offices so I was not being allowed to come.

It is only now in these last few months that things are getting back to normal and I’ve been able to work again so I am thankful for that.

I just hope my sickness improves so I can go about my work without interruption.

I stayed at a property in 139. It’s a property that is owned by CCM in the slum area. I’ve lived there since 2016.

I am thankful that people from the church helped throughout that time. There was also some help from the government. We were still able to feed the street people each week, it was not like before though as we couldn’t gather for the preaching afterwards.

We were not even allowed to attend church in person. Often it was only three people at church— the pastor and two deacons. It was good if you had a cellphone as you could listen online, but it wasn’t the same. I much prefer listening to the word of God ‘live’.

I’m so glad that God has sustained me through this lockdown time and am looking forward to life returning to normal.