A Healing Journey

31 Jan 2022

In 2021, we were very glad to hear the court’s final decision on the case of one of our dear young ladies.

We rejoice for the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord for bringing victory to this case. It has not been easy and the experience for this young lady has been exhausting and caused much hurt. It has been four years since she was admitted to CCM and three years of anxiously waiting for the final verdict.

One remark the young lady said, “At last I can go home safely and live a normal life again with my family.” She expressed how excited she is to see and meet her mother and siblings again.

We informed her mother, who was exceedingly glad! Her decision to file a complaint and fight for her case was really courageous. She was brave enough to fight with her daughter and stand to seek justice. She was truly thankful that justice has been rightly served. It has also been a difficult and painful time for her, knowing about her ex-partners crime. She has had to work hard to perform the role both of mother and father to her children, as well as to work hard to sustain her children and their needs and expenses.

It has been a challenging journey for this young lady towards her healing and recovery.

Amidst the waves of pain and suffering, there is always a rainbow after the storm. However traumatic our experiences are, God is never blind to see what we are going through. He knows our struggles, He sees our sadness, He feels our pain.

It is only by God’s grace that this young lady has been able to gradually overcome this very traumatic experience.

Please pray for the social workers and staff as they seek to counsel the children (both boys and girls), from God’s word. May they be able to gain the trust of the children, that they would be ready to listen and allow the children to talk and to open up about their feelings. May they have much wisdom as they point the children to the hope that can only be found in the Lord Jesus Christ.