Thanksgiving in the Homes

1 Oct 2021

The CCM Homes enjoyed celebrating the annual Thanksgiving in July. Pastor Ismael was the guest speaker. His talk focused on our hope in Jesus, who is our Saviour and only hope and comfort especially in these times of crisis and pandemic. He also made us reflect on ourselves being sinners and needing redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The children prepared some dances and song presentation. Damascus Home performed their ‘Cowboy dance’ with matching cowboy costumes. Galilee Home performed their ‘Tiklos’ which is a Philippine Folk Dance and Bethany Home performed their ‘Hawaiian Dance.’

There was also a Memory Verse Contest which the children had all prepared for. The ‘Best in Memory Verse’ was awarded to one child in each Home.

Finally, there was the awarding of the Graduates and those who had been given academic rewards. We thank God that the students have all persevered in the school year of Home learning.