Lockdown Fun on the CCM Home’s Rooftop

1 Oct 2021

The CCM Homes children enjoyed a special swimming activity. Usually this event takes place during the summer season but with lockdowns and restrictions, this year it was not possible to visit a local pool.

August 13th was the long awaited day for swimming! Two portable swimming pools had kindly been donated by sponsors. The children’s wish for a swimming activity amidst the Covid 19 pandemic became a reality and their faces did not stop smiling during the day!

First everybody listened to a devotion from God’s word by Chaplain Levi. Then we enjoyed a game organized by Kuya Lowey, in which the children were drenched with clean water!

After talking through the rules to keep everyone safe during swimming, the fun began! The children spent almost 4 hours enjoying the pools. The boys were allowed in one pool and the girls in the other. The House parents and staff supervised the children. Some house parents joined the children in the pool and taught them how to swim.

The activity was filled with enjoyment and laughter. We thank God for all His blessings and especially the space on the rooftop where the children are able to run and do activities like this in any weather.