Interview with a College Graduate

1 Oct 2021

An interview with CCM recipient and college graduate Justin Carl Dayo – also known as JC – whose course was Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

How do you value your education?
I value my education because I know how important it is to help myself, my family and other people. This will be a big help in finding a stable job and career in the future.

What are your motivations for your studies?
I feel motivated to finish my studies. To start with, I was doing it for myself so I can find a good job one day. Now I realise that I cannot do it without God’s help and that I should be doing it for his glory.

What was your dream job when you were at school?
When I graduated from High School I didn’t expect to be able to study at college as my family couldn’t support me. God has been truly gracious and I have just finished my dream course which is Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

What have been your challenges as a student?
As a college student I faced a lot of challenges. I almost came to the point that I wanted to give up due to demanding course requirements and exhaustion. I have been a self supporting and working student which has sometimes been hard to balance.

Before the pandemic, I used to catch the free train to save up money. The allowances from CCM, I used to buy food and pay for other expenses. I have worked in basic computer repair, cleaning and sometimes in construction to try to add up income for my needs.

Despite the challenges, I have lots of good memories as a student too. I was so happy to pass my Thesis. Even though I had sleepless nights completing it, I learned a lot from different studies and research.

How did you achieve your studies and what are you looking forward to?
I can hardly imagine that I am actually finishing college. I want to share that I am happy and blessed. The journey to get here hasn’t been easy but I have learned many lessons along the way. I know I worked hard for this but most especially, the Lord helped and guided me.

Now I am looking forward to having my apprenticeship for two years while applying for work and then Lord willing, I will take the Licensure examination three years from now.

How has CCM helped you with your studies? What have you learned both practically and spiritually?
CCM, the sponsors, donors and its staff have helped me in many ways while I have been studying. The monthly allowances and assistance mostly provide for my needs and school expenses. I learned from the different activities too. CCM has been an instrument that the Lord has used to support and send me to college until I finished it. I am very grateful to CCM.

What is your message to the students who are still studying now?
Keep going until you reach your goal. Don’t give up because it will all be worth it. Do not only trust in yourself with your studies but most importantly, trust the Lord.

What is you message for the sponsors and CCM?
First, I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity of being a recipient of CCM and having sponsors that have assisted and supported me with my education. Thank you for your kindness to me to keep supporting me until I have finally graduated. You have been a massive help to me and my family. The words THANK YOU are not enough to compensate for all the love, help, support and prayers for me. To God be the glory for this achievement and all the work you do in CCM.