Community Quarantine

1 Oct 2021

Another strict lockdown was implemented in Metro Manila in September. Sheril Batayan, Social worker in the Community, explains how this has affected the families they are supporting:

“The recent lockdown that went on for a month greatly affected the families in the community. Some of them were not able to go to work since public transportation was suspended and non essential companies needed to close. Thankfully, some of them were able to have sidelines within their community and earn an hourly income. Some of the parents found ways to generate income by cooking snacks and selling them outside their houses to their neighbourhood.

During these difficult times, CCM has continued to do its best to extend assistance to them. At the same time, we are grateful that many sponsors and donors have given financial help to their sponsored children which they have received for their family needs, during the lockdown. The allowances they received have been a massive support to them, especially for the children’s expenses in school. We are very grateful for the support and prayers of our sponsors.

We thank God that the strictest community quarantine implanted has now lifted and moved back to a less strict one. Since then, more families have been going back to work. We hope and pray for the Lord’s mercy on these families and all of us during these difficult times.”