CCM Community Scholarship Fund

1 Oct 2021

The Scholarship Fund is additional assistance to college recipients from the communities who are excelling in their studies. It helps to support them in their school needs.

Cherry Mae Calagui is a beneficiary of the Scholarship Fund. In this article she shares about how it has helped her:

“I was admitted to CCM in January 2010, when I was in 4th Grade of Elementary School. This September 2021, I am now in my final year in University. I am a 4th year student, taking Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing Management. Since my 1st year of studying at University I am priviledged to be a beneficiary of the CCM Scholarship Fund.

So what does Scholarship Fund Beneficiary mean? It is an extra support program for the Community College Students. It is a form of financial aid, based on the student’s academic achievement. The assistance can be used to refund tuition, books, projects, print research papers, load cards, pay for Wi-Fi and bills.

Being a beneficiary has been a big help as a student and also for my family. I remember in my first year of college days, we needed to pay for almost every print job and photocopy in school.

It was because we didn’t have books. We relied on the professor’s book for information. You had to bring in extra money so that you could have a photocopy. It was difficult during that time as my allowance was limited. Thanks to the assistance, I was able to have all my necessities in my class. I was able to study better and inspired to do better at my academics. My family is very happy that I am a part of it. This CCM Project has helped them both financially and mentally.
My family did not feel the pressure to give me money for my projects anymore. It eased their minds because they did not have to think about how they would get more money to support me. There were times when I didn’t get an allowance from them, because I already have enough from the Scholarship fund. This help of CCM has really helped them.

In the pandemic, the Scholarship fund has really helped me and my family to be able to continue in my studies. There are no more photocopies needed but there are bills to pay. I can use my assistance to pay for our wi-fi and internet bills. It really is a big help as my classes are online.

It has inspired me to study better and to have good marks. Maintaining my high marks in college is a way to give back to CCM and to show them that their work is meaningful.”