Whole Home Sponsorship Scheme

21 Aug 2021

Over the past few years we have been reporting how the structure of the CCM Homes has been changing. This is mainly due to changes in government policies regarding children looked after in residential Homes like CCM.

We have reported how the reintegration scheme is being implemented. Where possible and safe to do so, children and families are prepared for reconciliation, although this has not been easy in recent months over the pandemic.

As a result of these changes, the way that the Homes are running has altered. Moving forwards, it is likely that far fewer children will stay in the Homes for an extended period of time.

The staff continue to work tirelessly in providing for each child’s specific needs and to prepare them  for the next step in their lives –  whether this be reconciliation with family members, court cases or transferring to another institution.

However long the stay of a child may be in the CCM Homes, the staff have the opportunity to share the word of God with them and to counsel them from the Bible. God gives precious opportunities for seeds to be sown as each child joins daily devotions in the Homes and church activities (which are currently held online).

The Homes staff and children continue to need our support, both financially and prayerfully. They need funds to be able to continue their daily activities and to provide for each child’s needs.

In the past, new sponsors of the Homes have been allocated with an individual child. With the changing situation in the Homes, we have now introduced a whole home sponsorship scheme for new sponsors.

At present CCM runs 3 Homes. There is a Boy’s home and two girls Homes called Bethany and Galilee.

In sponsoring a whole Home, a sponsor’s support would help the work of the Homes to continue. Sponsors would be asked to pray for the staff and children in that Home. Regular news bulletins and photos would be sent during the year to keep you up to date with current situation in that home. More details are on the website www.ccmmanila.org

Existing sponsorships of children in the Homes will carry on as at present.

We are so grateful for both the prayerful and financial support for the work in the CCM Homes. Thank you for partnering with us in enabling the CCM children to live in safety, to hear of Christ and His love, to attend school, receive medical care and to be cared for and loved during their time in the Homes.