Online Children’s Assembly

21 Aug 2021

The COVID pandemic has not been easy for the young children we help in the community. Minors are not allowed by the government to go outside. All of the students “go to school” online and complete modules.

Even though the numbers indicate that these young children are the least likely to succumb to the coronavirus, they are among the most restricted in the population.

With this in mind, the EAP decided to go ahead with the online Children’s Assembly 2021. The theme of the activity was Si Kristo sa Krisis. (Christ in crisis)

The speaker was Miss Diosa Fe Garcia, one of CRBC’s Sunday School teachers. She spoke on the story from Matthew 2 verses 13-23.

King Herod considered the young Jesus as a threat to his throne. He commanded that all male children in Bethlehem under 2 years old should be killed. However, Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, followed the angel’s instruction and they escaped to Egypt. Even at a young age, Jesus faced life-threatening experiences. The life of the One who would be King was in danger.

The EAP children are currently living in an unsettled time and COVID-19 is a real danger to many, but sin poses a threat of infinite and eternal proportion to all. We hope that the message about the young Jesus who once faced hostility would be meaningful to them; His perfect life, His death on the cross, His resurrection and His present reign as the sovereign King of the universe.

We are thankful for technology to be able to have this continued contact with the EAP children.

Please continue to pray that the Covid situation in the Philippines would improve. God willing, we hope to be back to normal soon.