Starting a New Sewing Business

3 Apr 2021

An interview with Netchie Fuentes, sister of an EAP recipient, Maria Fuentes. The Fuentes family received a capital amount from Maria’s sponsor to help them with their sewing business.

How was your livelihood during the lockdown?
We could not continue doing our sewing business during the lockdown since there was almost no means of travel available. Moreover, we needed to pay rent fees during these months.

What did the family do to earn?
My stepfather went out to drive his tricycle while my mother tried to sell rice for my cousin. I also tried to resume little by little by accepting some sewing jobs.

What was the biggest challenge that your family has faced during the lockdown?
It was difficult for us to provide my sibling’s needs for their online and modular classes.

What are the current challenges you face?
Currently, there is low demand, which affects the amount we earn. We are also thinking of having a better workplace.

Can you tell us something about your sewing business?
After I graduated, I started doing a sewing business, using the sewing machine and the capital that my aunt lent me. We sell our products during the Christmas season. After a year, I applied as a private school teacher, and a friend partnered with me to sign a subcontract with Plain and Prints. Because of it, we were able to purchase 4 single machines and an edging machine. At the same time, we had some difficulties since we both have our main jobs. With the money I was able to save, I had decided to step down from teaching and start my own business.
Last December 2020 we tried to resume the business, after taking a small loan. Fortunately we were able to settle this and bought a straight cutter and paid for the rent. But only a little remained for cloths and fabrics.



In what way did the sponsor help you?
We are very thankful to receive assistance from Alexandra’s sponsor, We appreciate it very much. With it, we bought cloth and other materials we need to continue the business. We are currently sewing bed sheets, pillow cases and face masks. We sell to our relatives, friends and neighbourhoods. We also post photos online for other people to know and order from us.

What are you thankful about now?
We are very thankful to the Lord, for my sister’s sponsors and for CCM. The money has been a huge help for us, especially during these difficult times.

Do you have any prayer concerns?
Please pray for the studies of my sister. We are thankful for the Lord’s provision and for CCM sponsors in sharing their blessings with needy families.  Please pray for health and safety.