Hot Meals for the Homeless

3 Apr 2021

The Covid pandemic has caused even more burden to our friends from the streets of Cubao who have already been struggling to survive their day.

When the community quarantine began in March 2020 we had to temporarily pause the Thursday night Drop-in Centre – (the feeding of around 70 homeless people and a gospel talk.) Sadly the Drop-In camp (scheduled every October) also had to be cancelled.


For some months, CCM tried to attend to our homeless friends’ needs. They were given food packs containing rice, canned goods, biscuits, coffee, instant noodles and personal hygiene supplies every other week. While they have been appreciative of this kind of help, some suggested that they would be grateful if we could instead provide already cooked meals, similar to what they had during Thursdays at CRBC. We can understand where this sentiment comes from. For them, cooking the food to eat is as difficult as acquiring it.

On the first Thursday in February 2021, we were able to begin to distribute hot meals again at the CCM Main Office. All health and safety measures were observed. A mother from the community helped us cook and pack the food, while Kuya Juancho, a former Drop-in and now a member of CRBC, helped in the distribution. Around 30 of our friends enjoyed CCM’s version of chicken adobo with a good amount of sauce poured in rice, plus an egg on the side!

Kuya Juancho

Please continue to pray for the full resumption of the Drop-in Centre, so beyond the food our friends receive for their stomachs, they can also receive food for their souls.

Cedric Boquerin