A Poem for our Sponsors

3 Apr 2021

You stand as our pseudo parents…
Ready and very supportive,
You never know who we truly are…
Yet, giving us all things unconditional

Since our first time in the home…
We have this so-called communication,
Though we’ve never met in person,
But feelin’ this journey, we are not alone!

It seems we write to our parents…
Pouring out the emotions we feel
Sharing to your our special moments…
As well as the discouragements.

Without you knowing we are always delighted
Hearing from staff and reading for your message.
Writing back to you is so exciting
Sending letters and cards we made

To all our sponsors we are blessed,
Knowing you send us all our needs,
For all the love, prayers and encouragements,
In this journey, we feel your presence.

We’re thanking the Lord for your letters, gifts and cards
We’re thankful for your prayerful heart,
Most importantly we say thanks
For YOU, our dear sponsors, became part of our lives.