A New Hope

3 Apr 2021

We have been able to contact and follow up with several of the children and families whom we have
successfully reintegrated back to their families. We are glad to know that most of the responses were
positive. One of the most significant responses we have heard from them is that, “we found a new
hope.” We are glad to know that the children are happy to be back with their families and communities.
Although the transition process has not been flawless, we are glad that there have been good results.

The reintegration program has been seen to be a new hope for the children who have been placed in an
institution for some years being away from their biological families and parents, for they have found
some spark of light knowing that they can still return and live with their families.

The staff in the Homes always share the message of the gospel with these children, to have our hopes
founded in the Lord Jesus Christ, for this hope in Christ gives us strength in the face of difficulty. Our
culture and the world outside teaches us to have self confidence, but believers are to place their
confidence in the Lord. While many children in the Homes look forward to their future reintegration, we
are hoping and praying that they will also come to know our Lord Jesus Christ who is our only hope in
this fallen world.