Prayer Points Jan-Mar 2021

10 Jan 2021

Could you pray each day?


► Thank God for keeping us safe during the pandemic

► Please pray for God to stir souls during this trial


► Thank God for staff members who are willing to give their all in these challenging days

► Please pray for the house mothers juggling the extra teaching responsibilities


► Thank God for the good rapport CCM enjoy with members of the communities

► Please pray for Levi’s Bible studies on Zoom – that many may join, and come to know the Lord


► Thank God for the extra time children in the homes are able to spend with their Christian house parents

► Please pray their patience and example might soften the children towards the gospel


► Give thanks to the Lord for the many privileges we enjoy (in the light of the story of Ashley and family)

► Pray for Ashley, Dodong and many other parents who live and sleep on the streets


► Thank God for the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ

► Pray for the social workers who are having to make many difficult decisions about who to help


► Thank God for raising up Mabel to work as a nurse during the pandemic, and the help she has known

► Pray for CRBC as they seek to navigate the logistics of this difficult time