Online Bible Studies in the Communities

10 Jan 2021

“Because of COVID-19, we have learned to slow down, to appreciate the things that we were too busy to notice before; even nature was able to rest. I had the opportunity to be with my family and draw near to God.”

“The COVID has showed us that we are not the one holding our lives and God has given us another chance to repent. We must put our faith in Christ and this COVID is God’s wake-up call to us.”


One of the problems caused by COVID-19 has been the cancellation of so many activities. The Social workers and Bible study leaders agonized over this and how to continue to reach the families. We believe that our work and ministry is to engage and immerse ourselves in the lives of our children together with their families regularly.

I was encouraged when I met parents from time to time in the streets and they expressed their desire to resume Bible studies.

When the students began online school classes, the only choice for families was to buy an internet connection. CCM helped to support families with this.

Eventually, the Online Bible Study for 11 areas became possible. We combined some of the areas for this activity and came up with seven sessions every week.

We have seen the delight and joy of our parents, seeing each other on the screen. Some of the recipients need to transfer to each other’s houses for the activity because of unstable internet connections (a common problem).

The sessions are opportunities for us to point them  once again  to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, calling them to become recipients of the glorious hope offered through Christ by faith.

We’re glad to see the wideness of God’s grace in keeping them safe, that they have resilience in their day to day lives in the slums as the threat of the pandemic is still present. From time to time calamities arise, like strong typhoons. While practical help is much needed, above all we pray that they may find rest and hope in God through the gospel.

Levi Ilhig