Nurse on the Covid Wards

10 Jan 2021

It’s now many months since the pandemic started. On March 15th when the lockdown began the hospital staff like me (Mabel Evarita) were not able to go home. At the height of the pandemic, we had to work more than 12 hours every shift. For me, the hardest part is when my patients are deteriorating and having to tell the relatives that we have done all that we can. It is hard to soothe and relieve their grief and pain. Every day I have felt the burdens of responsibilities.

At some times I honestly became overwhelmed by the pandemic situation. I longed to leave the hospital and go home. My strength was fading and falling, but in the hardships, I have also seen the amazing grace of God.

Even during those hardest of duties , God is faithful to His Word and He has provided me with strength. Every day I was clinging on to Him because I couldn’t do anything to get through this pandemic. Many nurses already resigned but for me, I keep looking to God. I thank Him for the strength he gives me and the ability to carry on.

In every tough duty I have had on the Covid wards, truly, God has been faithful and shown me the wonders of his unfailing love.

I came to live in the CCM Homes when I was 10. As I grew and learned the truths in the Bible,  I repented of my sins and put my hope and trust in Jesus. When I prayed to God about my desire to become a nurse, I asked Him to use me wherever he wanted me to be, to serve and glorify Him. I think that God put me in this hospital at this moment to serve Him through nursing those patients in my care.

There are some days I feel frail, weary and overworked but I can persevere by clinging to His words every moment, that His steadfast love never ceases and His mercies are new every morning. (Lamentation 3:22-23)