Home Learning in the CCM Homes

10 Jan 2021

In our last issue, the children shared the new skills they had been learning. Let’s find out how the Housemothers are getting on and how we can pray for them.  The schools  in the Philippines remain closed and there is a new set up of ‘Home learning’ through Online Modules. Two housemothers, Ate Gerlie and Ate Janery share their thoughts on this new set up.

How are you finding the additional work of teaching the learning modules?

Gerlie – We have had to change our schedules  as it is important now that we assist our children based on their educational level.

Janery – It really is very challenging. It stretches our current skills because we are not formally trained teachers. It is also hard for us to divide our attention among all of the children.

How does this affect your daily activities?

Gerlie – We have had to change our usual routines. We still try to teach the children the value of proper use of time – making time for both study and play. `

Janery – The learning modules do demand much attention and compliance. The children still strive to do their daily chores on time but we have to be understanding to their shortcomings.

What areas in the set-up need to be improved?

Gerlie – We really need a proper and stable internet connection to be able to access the online classes and assignments.

Janery – It would be good if we could have more training, especially in teaching the major subjects to our children.  The high school teenagers need more attention because they find it difficult to understand their lessons.

Do you think the new set–up is helping the children?

Gerlie – Definitely! It is helping us to cultivate our relationship with them, giving them our time and support as they study their modules.

Janery – Yes, we see this as an opportunity to observe and understand them – their strengths and weaknesses. This set-up gives them time to understand their lessons more deeply and they are developing confidence in asking questions.

How can we pray for you?

Gerlie and Janery – We continually covet your prayers as we seek God’s strength, wisdom and grace for us to be patient, loving and compassionate to them. May we remember to praise the Lord despite challenging times.