How are the Students in the Community Coping?

26 Oct 2020

I am Chazzel Gwyneth Malit, a Grade 6 student at Kalantiyaw Elementary School. For this school year we are using the Blended Modular method. Our parents are the ones who can go into school to collect our module and then we study it at home. It is challenging because we need to understand it well without the explanation from our teachers. To cope with this, I did my best to study it carefully to understanding it. When the lesson is hard, I ask the help of my elder sisters.

For now, my grandparent’s pension supports us in our daily needs, since my father is a person with a disability and stopped working as a construction worker since the Lockdown began in March. He is working part-time when our neighbourhood calls him to do something like carpentry.

Even though my father cannot support us financially at this time, he always supports me in my studies by helping me and getting my module from the school.

My name is Daniela Balveran. I became a CCM recipient in 2013 and I am currently studying in 1st year college.

The pandemic hit us very hard as a family. Our family has a meagre income and life has become even more challenging. I even came to the point of considering quitting my schooling so I could apply for work to help my family. My father lost his job when lockdown began and we merely relied on food packs and are thankful to CCM for their support to us.

After considering many things, I finally enrolled in college. Our usual face to face classes changed into online and modular courses. This new setup is strange for me and challenging. I have many doubts – what if I cannot cope with the lessons? What if I have failing grades?

It is hard to study at home with many interruptions and distractions. However my desire to finish my education is stronger. My family has encouraged me and cheered me along.

At present, I am slowly coping with my studies. I make sure I listen carefully while my professors discuss our lectures. I try to read a lot and study my lessons in advance.

I have learned a lot from this pandemic. Despite the difficulties, I learned to be strong and resilient. I am thankful for the support of our sponsors and their prayers for us.